20 years ago, we were the first in Russia to open the beer culture of different countries, for residents of St. Petersburg and guests from all over Russia!

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Since 2001

Beer restaurant franchise

Become a new member of our friendly BIG Family Resto Group with a franchise of our concepts!

Why BIG Family?

Experience in running a restaurant business since 2001;

The only restaurant group in St. Petersburg, presenting on the market at once 4 concepts of beer restaurants and 1 restaurant of author's cuisine, which combined all directions in one place:

- "JAGER" restopub - a network of German restopubs (since 2001);
- "Kriek" - a network of traditional Belgian brasseries (since 2008);
- "Karlovy Pivovary" - traditional Czech gentlemen (since 2014);
- "Ivan da Marya" - "new" Russian cuisine and Russian craft beer (since 2015), as well as a flagship restaurant;
- “Chateau Vintage” (since 2017), where we present to our guests a record number of beers from all over the world for Russia. (18 restaurants).

Thorough knowledge of the beer market and its trends;

Well-established supply of imported beer by the own distribution companies of the BIG Family Resto Group;

BIG Family Resto Group - a member of the "Independent Association of Beer Market Operators";

The BIG Family franchise system will allow you to work with well-known Russian restaurant brands that offer their guests dishes of traditional beer cuisines in the author's presentation of a team of chefs, more than 450 varieties of imported beer, coziness and comfort of a high level of service.

The cost of opening a restaurant, as a rule, ranges from 10 to 15 million rubles with a payback period of up to 3 years. You become the owner of a successful restaurant project and a translator of European beer traditions in your region.

The main component of the success of the BIG Family concepts is the approach to doing business - we pay close attention to the quality of products, drawing up a balanced, authentic and varied beer list, attention to the guest and creating a unique atmosphere of beer establishments.

Also, by purchasing the BIG Family franchise, you get the opportunity of constant professional assistance in maintaining and running a business and marketing support to promote the brand.

We thank you for your interest in our projects, and hope to see you soon as a new member of our big family, BIG Family Resto Group!


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