«Ivan Da Marya» Russian Cuisine Restaurant

"Ivan da Marya" is the first Russian gastropub, combining in its concept a "new" Russian cuisine from a concept chef with a bright charismatic vision of it, where all menu dishes are prepared from environmentally friendly products, and the taste variety and author's presentation of dishes will open before new boundaries of Russian cuisine and the concept of a real beer restaurant with a Russian soul.

The assortment includes more than 100 positions of beer from Germany, England, Czech Republic, Belgium, England and many other countries, as well as the best beers from craft breweries in Russia. Bar assortment and wine list will also delight all Petersburgers and guests of the capital.

Gastropub "Ivan da Marya" is located in the very center of the city - on Nevsky Prospekt, 64. The author's interior of the artist Natalia Maslova with traditional Russian "notes" perfectly complements the panoramic view from the windows - of Anichkov Palace, Catherine Square and Fontanka Embankment.

Welcome and Health!

“Ideal gastropubs in a gastropub” and of course “Craft from Vanya - Bread from Mani to Ivan da Marya.”
Craft from Vanya - Bread from Mani :)

Address: Metro: Gostiny Dvor / Nevsky Prospect
Mon-Sun 10:00 - 23:00
Nevsky prospect, 64
tel: 8 (812) 418-20-74, 8 (812) 611-11-10

@ ivandamaria.rest

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Our address

m. Gostiny Dvor
m. Nevsky Prospect
Nevsky prospect, 64

8 (812) 611-11-10
8 (812) 418-20-74

Opening hours
Mon-Thu, Sun - from 11:30 to 01:00
Fri, Sat - from 11:30 to 02:30