22 years ago, we were the first in Russia to open the beer culture of different countries for residents of St. Petersburg and guests from all over Russia!

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Since 2001

The JÄGER Meet to eat restaurant will present long-loved hits to guests in combination with a wide range of meat dishes cooked over an open fire, as well as gastronomic novelties from the concept chef of the project.
The basis of the bar list will be wine and beer, for storage of which a coldroom is installed in the restaurant, which meets all the requirements for the correct storage of drinks. The menu will feature over 100 types of beer and 40 types of wine.
Cocktail and alcoholic cards will also delight guests with drinks that meet modern trends in the restaurant market.

As a result of our painstaking work, the guests of the new restaurant will be able to enjoy combinations of food and drinks in accordance with their gastronomic expectations and preferences.

The interior of the restaurant is made in a loft style with the use of natural wood, concrete, metal and glass, the minimalism of which, in combination with soft furniture and massive chandeliers, create a modern and at the same time cozy and comfortable atmosphere. The two-level space of the restaurant has a contact bar counter and a large children's room. A summer terrace is planned to open in May.

“JÄGER meet to eat” - will be a great place for those who love exquisite rest.


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19 restaurants within
6 restaurant concepts

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