Belgian cuisine of St. Petersburg.

(since 2008) the first network of traditional Belgian brasseries that laid the foundation for Belgian beer culture in St. Petersburg. With the advent of brasseries, the gray city on the Neva River turned into a bright palette of flavors of the unique Belgium and gave guests the feeling that you are in this amazing country without leaving your native St. Petersburg. The corner of real Belgium is Brasserie Kriek.

An extensive beer line of 150 varieties, where each is its own special legend that gives rise to taste. Dishes are real delights of Belgian gastronomy with a bold look at it from the Beer Family Project concept chef. A bright combination of tastes is intertwined with a pronounced beer concept. The menu includes mussels, waffles, steaks and other dishes that will appeal to every guest.

Eli, Gyoses, Blondes, Lambiki all this in an extensive line of 150 beers that border on a bright wine concept and a concise alcoholic card. The atmosphere of a real brasserie is created by the interior, which with extreme accuracy recreates the traditional style of Belgian beer restaurants.

The Kriek brasserie is rightly called the best Belgian restaurant in St. Petersburg.

If you accidentally heard a scream, don't be alarmed. This is a delight from the Brasserie.

Table reservation / Information: 611-11-10


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m. Mayakovskaya,
m. Vladimirskaya
Nevsky pr., 47

(812) 611-11-10
(812) 418-39-93

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Mon-Thu, Sun - from 11:30 to 01:00
Fri, Sat - from 11:30 to 02:30