BF Resto Group

“BIG Family Resto Group” is a unique project led by the management company ReKa Management, combining many restaurants and other areas:

    • «Jager» restopub – (since 2001) a network of German restopubs with a collection of German beer in 100 varieties, dishes of the author's German cuisine and a wine list;


    • «Brasserie Kriek» - (since 2008) a network of traditional Belgian brasseries with a huge collection of foam in 150 varieties and dishes of author's Belgian cuisine;


    • «Karlovy Pivovary» - (since 2014) traditional Czech gentlemen representing the Czech drinking culture and traditional cuisine in a new vision;


    • «Ivan Da Marya» - (since 2015) "new" Russian author's cuisine from the concept chef and a huge line of craft beer, wine and other drinks. Member of the Independent Association of beer market operators;


    • «Chateau Vintage» - (since 2017) an author's restaurant in the heart of St. Petersburg with a unique collection of beer from around the world in 450 varieties, an extensive collection of wine and banquet rooms;


    • «Сrazy Craft» - the official distributor of craft Russian breweries and more than 300 varieties of imports, the company also brews its own limited varieties, which are loved by beer drinkers from all over Russia;


  • «Vasileostrovskaya Cheese Factory» is a craft cheese factory that produces environmentally friendly products of premium quality only from whole farm milk and natural fillers.

"BIG Family Resto Group":

-18 restaurants of original cuisine in St. Petersburg;

-the team of true professionals;

- a record collection of beer with a total number of 600 varieties;

- a new look at the cuisine of traditional beer countries in the author’s vision;

“We fed 1,000,000 guests, and watered the whole of Petersburg. We are the BIG Family Resto Group! ”