BIG Family Resto Group

BIG Family Resto Group is a unique project led by ReKa Management, a management company that combines 6 restaurant concepts and many other areas:

- "Jager restopub"- 5 restopubs (since 2001), a chain of German restopubs with a collection of 120 types of German beer, original German cuisine, an amazing atmosphere and a rich selection of wines and alcoholic beverages;

- "Jager Meet to eat"- presents long-loved hits to guests in combination with a wide range of meat dishes cooked over an open fire, as well as gastronomic novelties from the concept chef of the project.;

- "Brasserie Kriek" - 10 brasseries (since 2008), a network of traditional Belgian brasseries with a huge collection of foamy 150 types of beer, original Belgian cuisine, seafood and an extensive assortment of wine in 30 positions;

- "Karlovy Pivovary" - 1 gentlemen (since 2014), traditional Czech gentlemen in St. Petersburg with an assortment of beer in 100 varieties of which 40 positions of amazing Czech beer. The menu contains original Czech dishes, and the bar list is famous for its variety of choices and different categories;

- "Ivan da Marya" - 1 gastropub (since 2015), this is the first Russian gastropub, combining in its concept the "new" Russian cuisine from the concept chef with a bright charismatic vision of it, where all menu dishes are prepared from organic products, and the variety of flavors and the author's presentation of dishes will open before you new boundaries of Russian cuisine and the concept of a real beer restaurant with a Russian soul. The assortment includes more than 100 positions of beer from Germany, England, Czech Republic, Belgium, England and many other countries, as well as the best beers from craft breweries in Russia. Bar assortment and wine list will also delight all Petersburgers and guests of the capital;

- “Chateau Vintage” - 1 restaurant (since 2017), a family restaurant on Engels Avenue, with a crushing line of 450 beers, an extensive wine list of 69 names, 20 tap beers and gourmet signature cuisine.
Snails, steaks, vongole, crudo, bruschetta, hot dishes, mussels, rolls, pizzas and a wide bar and cocktail menu.
The restaurant hosts bright events and banquet events, and for children there is a children's room and a children's menu.

"BIG Family Resto Group" is:
- 20 restaurants of signature cuisine in St. Petersburg;
- a team of true professionals;
- a record collection of beer with a total of 600 varieties;
- a new look at the cuisines of traditional beer countries in the author's vision;

We fed 1,000,000 guests, and gave the whole Petersburg a drink!

We "Combine tastes!"

BIG Family Resto Group!